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Books, Anthologies, Short Stories

Books & Anthologies


Boscov, Meg and Randall Brown. Hand in Hand. Wynnewood: Matter Press, 2020.

Brown, Randall. “Almost Ivory.” En(Un) Gendered Anthology. Editor Nicolle Monaghan. Philadelphia: PS Books. 2011.

Brown, Randall. “Cadge.” Norton Anthology of Microfiction. Editors Robert Scotellaro and James Thomas. New York: W.W. Norton, 2018.

Brown, Randall. “Chapter 9.” Philadelphia Stories Collaborative Novel. Philadelphia, PS Books. 2016.

Brown, Randall. “Comfortable.” Flash Fiction Funny. Tom Hazuka, editor. Blue Light Press. 2013.

Brown, Randall. “How Long is Forever.” Running Wild Novella Anthology 2. Lisa Kastner, editor. California, Running Wild Press, 2018.

Brown, Randall. I Might Never Learn. Kentucky, Finishing Line Press, 2018.

Brown, Randall “Kathy Fish’s Flash Fiction: Fishing for Meaning in a Diminished World.” Critical Insights: American Short Story. Editors Michael Cocchiarale and Scott Emmert. New York: Salem Press. 2017.

Brown, Randall. “Lithopedion.” Best Small Fictions 2015. Tara Masih, editor. Queens Ferry Press, 2015.

Brown, Randall. “Little Magpie.” Philadelphia Stories Tenth Anniversary Anthology. Philadelphia, PS Books. 2014.

Brown, Randall. A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction. Wynnewood: Matter Press. 2013.

Brown, Randall. Mad to Live. Bonus Tracks Edition. Philadelphia: PS Books. 2011.

Brown, Randall. Mad to Live. 2008 Fiction Prize Edition. Chico: Flume Press. 2008.

Brown, Randall. “Making Flash Count.” The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips for from Editors, Writers, and Teachers in the Field. Brookline: Rose Metal Press. 2009.

Brown, Randall “Micro Fiction.” Critical Insights: American Short Story. Editors Michael Cocchiarale and Scott Emmert. New York: Salem Pres. 2015.

Brown, Randall. “Q & A.” Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief. Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press, 2017.

Brown, Randall. “Therapy Dog.” Hint Fiction: Norton Anthology. Editor Robert Swartwood. New York: WW Norton. 2010.

Brown, Randall. This Is How He Learned To Love. Sonder Press 2019.

Brown, Randall. “What a Beautiful Dream.” Best Small Fictions 2017. Tara Masih, editor. Braddock Avenue Books, 2017.

Brown, Randall. “What I Saw.” [first year]: mlp anthology. Editor JA Tyler. Mud Luscious Press. 2010.


Other Anthologies:

“Just.” Dogzplot Fiction Anthology 2009

“Father Nature.” Rough Beasts: Stories of Exile. Bannock Street Books Boise, Idaho

“Skip, Patch, Eye, Chalk, Brownie.” Coming of Age. Bannock Street Books Boise, Idaho

“The Bone Orchard.” Smokelong Quarterly 5th Anniversary Issue

“Maimed King.” Better Non Sequitur Press, See You Next Tuesday Anthology

“Fiction Only.” Paradigm, Vol. 1 Anthology Rain Tree Press

“Finally, A Husband Who Gets It.” Susurrus Press Anthology. October 2007

“Flies—Wet, Dry, and In-Between.” Best of Philadelphia Stories. December 1996

“The What The World Wants Blues.” Best of the Skive Story Prize

“Sick.” Laugh It Off Annual. December 2006

“Bats & Balls.” Very Short Fiction. 2006 


Short Stories

“To the Woods” 3Elements Review Winter 2018

“Still” 3Elements Review Winter 2017

“Pretend” Midway Journal January 2014

“Separation Anxiety” upstreet Summer 2013

“Like an Original Response” American Short Fiction August 2012 Featured Story

“Object” J Journal Fall 2011

“All That Is Solid” Timber Creek Review Fall 2009

“Two Dianas” The Laurel Review Summer 2009

“Set in Stone” Night Train March 2009

“Losing in General” The Evansville Review Volume XVIII 2008

“Mad To Live” Connecticut Review Spring 2008

“A Myth of Recovery” Dalhousie Review Fall 2007

“Delivery Boy” The King’s English Spring 2007

“Dog Whispers” The Saint Ann’s Review Fall 2006

“Helen’s Mask” Cairn Summer 2006

“Flies: Wet & Dry” Philadelphia Stories (Print & Web)

“Sweet Aorta Tonight” Mudrock: Tales and Stories Winter 2006

“Last Name” The Iconoclast #88 January 2005

“Rave On” Timber Creek Review Winter 2004

“A Myth of Bowling Alleys” Ink Pot #4

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