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“The World Without Us” Grub Street Review Winter 2018

“Nothing” Tilde [Thirty West Publishing] Winter 2018

“Debt” Paddock Review [Finishing Line Press] Winter 2018

“I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not It” Shark Reef Winter 2018

Kings & Counselors“ Left Hooks October 2017

Restoration of Farmhouse“ Gone Lawn, October 2017

Merry“ Gone Lawn, October 2017

DistanceAirgonaut Review January 2017

Snowed InSwamp Ape Winter 2017

“Landslide” Five Points December 2016

DisintegrationJellyfish Review October 2016

“What a Beautiful Dream” Tishman Review Summer 2016

Gravel Into Gold” (w/ Pam Painter) Green Briar Review Spring 2016

NeverWetExposition Review May 2016

“Something To Do With HorsesLiterary Orphans Spring 2016

Climate ChangeBartleby Snopes March 2016

Said Is Dead SmokeLong Quarterly, Fifty December 2015

“Our Son Turned Us Into Cartoons” pacificREVIEW April 2015

“Oh, Oh, Oh” Chicago Quarterly Review Spring 2015

“The Edge” SLAB Spring 2015

“That Last Trip” Pembroke Magazine Spring 2015

The Seven Year Itch” JMWW March 2015

“I Still Don’t Know What They’re Fighting For” Raleigh Review Winter 2015

“Boxing Day” SF&D Pushcart Special Edition, Winter 2015

“In That Way” SF&D Pushcart Special Edition, Winter 2015

“He Doesn’t Know He’s Dead” SF&D Pushcart Special Edition, Winter 2015

“There Wasn’t Anyone” SF&D Pushcart Special Edition, Winter 2015

“Winter Blues, April” SF&D Pushcart Special Edition, Winter 2015

“Here We Are” Puff Puff Prose Poetry and a Play Vol. III 2015

CaughtAdroit Journal Winter 2014/2015

Peace” collaboration with Pam Painter, New World Writing Fall 2014

OriginFiction Southeast Summer 2014

We’ll Be Doing This ForeverSpork Press Spring 2014

WellSpork Press Spring 2014

“Lost in the Supermarket” Bohemia Spring 2014

“Your Deepest Fear” The Avalon Literary Review Spring 2014

ThinkKnee-Jerk Spring 2014

“Oh, How I Had It All Wrong” Rathalla Review Spring 2014

“Two” Short, Fast, Deadly April 2014

“Elijah” Crack the Spine Spring Anthology April 2014

EighteenDogzplot March 2014

Lithopedion” Metazen March 2014

Keep It Poppin’Pank March 2014

All The WorldPer Contra March 2014

FragmentPostcards & Poems March 2014

They End UpThe View From Here January 2014

Crackle PolishNailpolish Stories January 2014

Juice in the Golden KegStory Shack January 2014

Of Course It WouldGreen Mountains Review January 2014

VillagersCoup d’Etat January 2014

 “ElijahCrack the Spine January 2014

The Boy Who Cried GolfDanse Macabre January 2014

Anything At AllEclectica January 2014

OnceFoliate Oak December 2013

The Fox & the DrapesGingerbread House December 2013

The Torte & the HairClever Magazine December 2013

I Want That Kid AgainBartleby Snopes December 2013

“Look at Him Now” Schuylkill Valley Review November 2013

The North Wind & The SonGingerbread House October 2013

“Theo and Annie” Descant Spring 2013

Don’t Let GoSchuylkill Valley Review Spring 2013

“What We Have Here” Lake Effect February 2013

Mindlessly r.k.v.y. January 2013

“Neurotic” Southw’ster December 2012

“Spirits” Southw’ster December 2012

"Like Iowa" Dos Passos Review December 2012

Turnip” (collaboration with Pamela Painter) Counterexample Poetics Summer 2013

This Is How He Learned to LoveCounterexample Poetics Summer 2013

The Wall The Only Thing ConcreteCounterexample Poetics Summer 2013

It’s Bad Every YearCounterexample Poetics Summer 2013

Also PossessionFailbetter Summer 2013

A Good Reason & The Real OneEveryday Fiction Summer 2013

“She’s a Stork” Heavy Feather Review July 2013

AssortedLiterary Mama June 2013

“Unreliable” Hawai’i Pacific Review Spring 2013

Not a Single Instance of MagicDrunken Boat December 2012

“Yes, I Knew” Thumbnail December 2012

“Flutter” Barbaric Yawp December 2012

“I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not It” Barbaric Yawp December 2012

“Empty” Inch Fall 2012

WatchNecessary Fiction Fall 2012

“Deliberately” Pear Noir! Summer 2012

“Flesh & Bones” Bellow Literary Journal Summer 2012

The Last OneZodiac Review Summer 2012

Found OutAtticus Review April 2012

At First I Find It Hard to BelieveTin House Online March 2012

The Aunt & The GrasshopperLinnets' Wings March 2012

“Writer’s Skin” ViVACE Spring 2012

Plumbing” The Pedestal Magazine February 2012

Surreality of World in ReverseThe Pedestal Magazine February 2012

“Progressive Tense” Fourteen Hills Winter 2012

And So It Just Will Be the Two of UsMad Hatter’s Review Winter 2012

“As They Vanished” Barrelhouse Winter 2012

ThingsNecessary Fiction December 2011

Don’t Look for HerNecessary Fiction December 2011

ChorusCamroc Review, December 2011

Fruitcake SeasonMad Hatter’s Review December 2011

SpentSplit Quarterly Fall 2011

“A Hard Thing To Love Someone For” Clarion Fall 2011

“That Was The One” LIT Magazine Fall 2011

“Back in the Argument” ViVACE Fall 2011

“It All Rests On Her Answer” Gathering of the Tribes #13 Summer 2011

“I’d Hardly Call Making Out a Few Times Dating” Staccato Fiction Summer 2011

“Unattached” Blink|Ink Summer 2011

AgoraphobiaFRiGG Summer 2011

Eight Inches Not Four” FRiGG Summer 2011

I Never Cried AgainFRiGG Summer 2011

SeriouslyFRiGG Summer 2011

RainFRiGG Summer 2011

Here GoesFRiGG Summer 2011

“Instead of the Glass” SmokeLong Quarterly Summer 2011

NothingStraylight Spring 2011

“Like So Many Things in that Childhood” Flash: International April 2011

Now” Straylight April 2011

“Kennings” Main Street Rag Spring 2011

            and others…

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